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Firefox and Safari Issues.

The bugs in Firefox have been resolved. The site should now work perfectly fine in Firefox. However, we also noticed a bug from the browser side which we have highlighted to the Mozilla Team. Till the time that issue is resolved, you might see a slight change in the layout of the puzzles. This in no way affects your solving.

Create Puzzle Images

First ever online tool to create Sudoku and Puzzle images

For the first time, provides you with a simple and easy to use interface to create sudoku images. Creating a Sudoku image has become more challenging than creating a sudoku itself. We bring you a list of common variants for which you can create images.
A word of advice; We simply create the image for you. There is no sudoku solver engine at the backend to validate if the puzzle is valid or not. The responsibility lies with the author.

Solve Sudokus Online

Play the daily sudokus

Everyday we will provide you with a hand crafted Classic Sudoku and a Variant. You can solve these online and compare your results against other solvers from across the world. See where you stand on the Sudoku ladder.

Sudoku Battle

Live Online Challenges

Want to test your solving skills against another player who is online? Challenge them to a battle. Solve the same sudoku simultaneously against them.